The new web shop in Europe proudly selling Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals to support and assist your detoxification and healing journey to Well-Ville! NutritionVision stocks a large variety of Dr. Morse herbs, as well as a range of products to assist the detoxification process.

A brief history

NutritionVision was created and founded in 2018 by Manon Roem, a certified Advanced Regenerative Detox Specialist at the International School of Healing Arts and Sciences, with a passion for all things natural and with a true belief in the power of detoxification.Originally practicing as a Reiki Master and as a certified Guasha Healing Therapist, has since broadened her areas to include Lymphatic Iridology.

Let's start with what I believe to be true:

Your DNA is yoursYour biochemistry is yoursYour health is yoursInformation is powerYou can’t 'unknow' what you knowYou are unique and therefore need personalised choicesYour choices are your responsibility, along with the consequencesWe live in a much more toxic world than hundreds of years ago and our bodies can only do so much. With the help of botanicals and powerful diet changes, our bodies can begin to heal.
Whether you seek answers or advice on your journey to wellness, and would like a personal herbal protocol; I am here to help!
Peace, light and love,Manon