"Healing is cleansing"

Although the human body has a naturally built in detox system, a self-cleansing mechanism mainly being done by your lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin and menstruation cycle, today many people are dealing with consequences from being exposed to huge toxic situations. From eating the wrong kind of foods, to being exposed to chemical and physical pollution and stress which results in chronic illnesses and obesity. Dr. Morse’s herbs are special because of their cell regenerating effects/purposes so detoxification can occur on a deeper level.When this naturally cleansing mechanism of the human body isn’t able to function properly, toxins will then form a blockage and disrupt this system which results in weakness of tissue, dysfunction or disease. These toxins can come from environmental pollution, nicotine and toxic foods, but can also come from a dysfunctional digestive system. An imbalance in hydration like dehydration or edema, for example, is the body signaling us that too many toxins are accumulating and its fighting acidosis (which harm healthy cells). A natural balance is missing.Basically, when cells in the human body are no longer able to function normally, disruption and disease may occur on a physical level but also on a mental level (feelings of fear, depression, etc). This kind of dysfunction of cells can result in the production of unhealthy 'messenger' cells or even an over stimulance of neurotransmitters which can cause mental imbalance.

When to ask for help with your detoxification

• When you are losing faith going the medical route and know in your heart that natural healing is the true way of healing your body.• You have been following a healthy diet for a while now but are still having health problems and do not understand why.• You have come to a standstill in healing yourself and you aren't sure what your next step should be to continue healing.• You are ready for direct guidance in your healing to achieve the results in your health you have been dreaming of!
What we put in and on our body creates our internal environment which creates our state of wellness or disease.Remember, YOU are in control of your health, the way you feel in your body and ultimately your entire life! If you are tired of feeling hopeless, in constant pain, and don’t want to be a victim of your illness anymore - then you are ready to finally heal!Whether you seek answers or advice on your journey to wellness, or are looking for a personal herbal protocol, let me know.I am here to help!
Manon, NutritionVision