Focus Super Patch


Help your kids excel in school and stay focused in a safe way. The Focus Patch!
Did you know: almost 50% of students find themselves zoning out in class. Add in the distractions from phones, social media, and the rise in stress, anxiety, and depression rates, and it’s no wonder 1/3 of college students are taking drugs to find their focus.
Thankfully, Focus Super Patches provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and easy-to use solution to help students improve their attention spans, stress less, and focus more.
Stay Focused!

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Each pack contains 28 Hypo-allergenic Polyethylene Adhesive Patches.

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None known.

The Super Patch are 100% drug and supplement-free. The technology inside the Super Patch has uniquely arranged ridges and patterns and are therefore safe to use with no known side effects.

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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